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The best iPhone 8 cases for your new iPhone

Published Sep 19, 2017

With the iPhone 8 launch fast approaching you will probably be looking for a new case. I can confirm that all iPhone 7 cases will fit the new iPhone 8. Like always with an Apple iPhone release, different manufacturers will announce some new cases. I have searched around and came up with a list of my top 5 below.

Here are some of the best cases you can get for your iPhone 8 right now.

Official Apple iPhone 8 Silicone Case


Although I am not keen on the price of this case, you just simply cannot beat apple for quality, detail and design. Apple offers this case in a range of beautiful colors. If offers a comfortable feel in your hand and the silicone should keep your iPhone from slipping out of your hand.

US Link $39.99 Official iPhone silicone case

UK Link £39.99 Official iPhone silicone case


Spigen Ultra Hybrid S

Spigen is well known for producing great long lasting iPhone cases and the Ultra Hybrid S is no exception. This case comes with a magnetic kickstand for ultimate viewing experience. This would be perfect for the average traveler who likes to sit back and watch a movie when they're on the move.

The Spigen case comes in two colours. Cyrstal clear which means you won't lose all the aesthetics from your new iPhone. Also, the case comes in a Jet Black colour 

You'll find the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S over at Amazon starting at $12.99.

US Amazon link $12.99

UK Amazon link £9.99


Mujjo Leather Wallet case


I have to admit, this is the case I have been using on my iPhone 7. I think this case is fantastic! the colour looks vintage and the manufacturer pays a lot of attention to detail. The case offers decent protection to your phone as well as a pocket on the back where you can store all your credit cards. I find this to be a great plus.

The Mujjo Leather Wallet case comes in a classic tanned leather, along with black and gray options. You can pickup the Mujjo Leather Wallet is available at Amazon for $36.08.

The case comes in three colors. Black, Grey, and tan.

US Amazon Link $22.57

UK Amazon Link £29.90



totallee Scarf

This case is perfect for the everyday iPhone user who just wants to keep their case protected from drops and spills.

The Totallee case is a super-thin case and will fit your iPhone 8 like a glove. It might not be the most protective case out there, but it offers impressive style, with a striking, ultra-thin design and a wide variety of colorful options. The case is also translucent, letting the iPhone and Apple logos come through on the back of your device.

You can pick up the Scarf on Amazon for $17.99.

UK Amazon Link £14.99

US Amazon Link $17.99